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Usage Examples: Here are some real world examples of how MySpeed has been used to add value to an IT organization. Please contact us if you need assistance implementing MySpeed within your organization.

Broadband Speed Test Basic broadband download/upload speed test.
Automatic Start MySpeed automatically starts once the Java applet loads.
VoIP Analysis Analyze a broadband connection and recommend how many simultaneous VoIP (Voice over IP) phone calls are supported.
JavaScript Scripting Use JavaScript to hook into MySpeed test results, allowing you to take almost any action when a MySpeed test completes.
GUI Branding Background image overlay allows for branding / company logo within the MySpeed GUI.
Continuous Testing JavaScript is used to continuously test a connection a programmed number of times.
Session ID / Name Allows you to ask the end user to enter a text string which appears as a new column in MySpeed server reports. Great for tagging a person's name to MySpeed results.
Email Results Shows how MySpeed results can be easily emailed.