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MySpeed Server technology enables you to quickly and easily provide broadband speed testing and quality testing to your customers and users. MySpeed Server editions are designed to be very accurate and measures data transfers down to the millisecond interval if the hardware platform supports it.

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  • MySpeed Server
    - provides HTTP speed and quality testing from the browser, includes upload and download bandwidth tests.
  • MySpeed Server Professional
    - Extends the standard edition to provide socket-to-socket connection testing, which is required to ensure highly accurate measuring of high speed networks up to 100mbit plus.

    - Provides an integrated real-time database that collects the user performance data to enable better support and quick problem resolution.

    - Provides the necessary MySpeed Server Professional resource usage for analysis to ensure testing accuracy.

    - provides branding and automation features.
  • MySpeed Server NOC Edition
    - The Network Operations Center (NOC) Edition extends MySpeed Server Professional to provide automated remote synthetic testing of corporate and global networks from multiple network locations anywhere in the world. All data collected is reported to the MySpeed Server Professional component for review and analysis. This approach enables NOCs to quickly and clearly see the performance and quality of vital networks.

    - Provides support for the MySpeed Remote Testing Agent (RTA). RTA is an application designed to run the MySpeed Server Professional quality and speed tests from the DOS command line as a part of an automated batch script. MySpeed Server NOC Edition supports the use of one or more RTA agents and uses a unique testing ID to differentiate the results on the reporting server.

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